Flowers. One of my favorite models. They just wait there in their most beautiful 'clothes' under the rain, the wind, the sun... until somebody sees them and captures their graceful movements for eternity.
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2 flowers Flowers Flowers Poppies Ivy Ivy Daisy against the light Passion flower Cactus flowers Flowers Flower Garlic blossoms Daisy Geranium Wild flowers Tulips Flowers Daisy Tulips Wild flowers Flowers Daisy against the light Ferns Grass Grass Garlic blossoms Garlic blossoms Iris Daffodils Water lillies Water lilly Water lilly Water lilly Orchids Orchid Orchid Orchid Orchids Orchids Orchids Poppy Peonies Buttercup Rose Tulips Tulips Tulips Tulips Tulips Tulips