There are two ways of creating the Tilt-shift effect:

I chose for the second solution which is way easier to work on each picture and if you want the effect to be more realistic, use a picture with a large view. Like this you have more chance to succeed. There are many tutorials available on the internet. Pick anyone, they are very easy to follow. As for me, I am quite happy with my results.
To navigate, just use the left and right arrow on the keyboard and to close use the Esc key.

Flèche wallonne Parade of May 1st Circuit of Francorchamps Circuit of Francorchamps Circuit of Francorchamps Full contact Honfleur Seaside of Knokke Inner courtyard of “Musée du Louvres” Pyramids of Louvres African Museum of Tervuren Beaubourg Paris La Défense Paris View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower Stranger in the night Seaside in Nederland Seaside in Nederland View from the Seine Countryside in Knokke Harbour of Saint-Raphael (French Riviera) View of Saint-Tropez (French Riviera) Grand Canal in Venice View of Riva degli Schiavoni